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A Total Health Chiropractor serving Families in Edinburg, TX


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General Chiropractic

From infants to the elderly and everyone in between, the team at Family Wellness Chiropractic looks at each patient as...


Rehabilitative Chiropractic

If you have experienced severe trauma from a vehicle accident, a trip or fall, or any other event that has had a physically...

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Maintenance Care

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A Total Health Chiropractor

Dr. Tiffany Miller is a total health chiropractor in Edinburg, TX who offers individuals and families a holistic, patient specific plan for the highest quality of life possible.

Family Wellness Chiropractic is a clinic that creates treatment strategies for its patients’ betterment, believing that one-size-fits-all applies to many things; just not chiropractic care. Since your time is valuable, and we want no one to feel rushed, we work by appointment only.

From stopping pain quickly to gradually reversing degenerative conditions, Dr. Miller and her team at Family Wellness Chiropractic are committed to lasting change in our patients’ lives.

An expert in several chiropractic techniques, combined with a desire to educate patients to improve their overall health, Dr. Miller is passionate about helping her patients experience lasting relief and healing from serious conditions. She is not content to simply treat symptoms; rather, she is dedicated to helping her patients achieve their own personal best health.

For more information about Edinburg’s Family Wellness Chiropractic, feel free to explore our website, or contact us directly to speak with one of our staff.

A Family Chiropractor in Edinburg Texas

As the name implies, we are a family chiropractic clinic in Edinburg Texas, helping patients, from newborns to those in their later years, to be healthier overall, have increased range of movement, better mental focus, and lessened chronic back pain, among other benefits.

Have a fussy cranky baby that seems to have trouble sleeping through the night?

The stress on a baby’s body, and therefore spine, can be significant during the birthing process, leading to discomfort that they can’t communicate.

Dr. Miller  has carefully and gently assessed and adjusted many newborns and infants in this kind of distress, relieving discomfort and helping them to be more relaxed and less frustrated.

Do you have a teenager who has trouble sleeping and complains of what we refer to as “growing pains?”

Chiropractic care can greatly lessen the discomfort and pain that comes with adolescence, and Dr. Miller can also suggest supplements that would improve upon the overall health of the often vitamin-deficient diet of the American teenager.

Have you experienced a loss in range of movement over the years, or are you experiencing nagging back pain that you have been dealing with over a long period of time?

A program of spinal adjustments, traction therapy, and attention to correcting the surrounding tissues in troubled areas may be what is needed to create an enormous difference in your quality of life.

If you are searching for a family chiropractic clinic that won’t treat you like a number, and will offer a plan for total health, give us a call today to schedule your initial consultation.

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Dr. Tiffany Miller
Family Wellness Chiropractic

What Conditions Does Dr. Tiffany Miller Treat?

Symptoms of poor spinal alignment doesn’t always masquerade as just back or neck pain. That is why Dr. Tiffany Miller enjoys educating patients as much as providing spinal adjustments. In between the education and the adjustment is where the relief is found.

Here is a list of the most common conditions treated with general chiropractic care:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Characterized by a tingling or burning sensation in the hand that may extend to the thumb area resulting in loss of motion in fingers and a weakened grip.
  • Disc Herniation – When the soft center of a spinal disk pushes through a crack in the tougher exterior casing ultimately resulting in nerve pain.
  • Migraine - Is a debilitating neurological condition that may cause severe localized head pain, light sensitivity, nausea, dizziness, and in some cases face numbness.
  • Headaches - Head pain that may be caused by neck misalignment, jaw area stressors, or other muscular issues and are typically tied to stress, tension, or allergies.
  • Whiplash - When the cervical spine undergoes a sudden jerk of the neck and head back and forth, usually during physical trauma or an auto accident.
  • Lumbar Facet Syndrome - When the lumbar facet joints, posterior part of the spine, is not functioning properly due to trauma or injury and results in painful swelling and irritation of the nerves.
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome - Pain in the neck and/or shoulder caused by the compression of nerves or circulation between your collarbone and the first rib.
  • Pregnancy - While pregnancy is amazing, some women may experience musculoskeletal pains in back, legs, and hips.
  • Lupus Arthritis - Long term Lupus can cause joint damage resulting in pain and swelling that limits movement, specifically in the back.
  • Sciatica - Radiating pain, numbness and inflammation down one or both legs, due to a herniated disk, spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spine) or bone spur.

From drop table adjustments to instrument assisted adjustment ArthroStim®, you can be sure the right treatment for relief will be prescribed.  If you’re experiencing any of the conditions listed above, please contact Family Wellness Chiropractic to schedule your complete evaluation today.  Don’t let pain control you, it is time to take your life back!

Specialized Services

Dr. Miller and her team have received specialized training for treatment options for many conditions, some of which can only be found in the Rio Grande Valley at FWC:

5-point Knee Restoration Program
This revolutionary, non-surgical program is designed to not only significantly diminish knee pain, but also help restore mobility to knees with chronic issues! No injections, no drugs! Call today for an evaluation, to see if you qualify for this treatment.

Relief for Pain associated with Neuropathy
Suffering from burning, numbness, tingling, or stinging sensations in your hands and/or feet? Having trouble feeling the floor when you walk? This increases the risk for falls, which is a leading cause of death in the elderly.  We have access to devices that are proven in clinical studies to increase circulation and improve sensation, and we use these in addition to traditional chiropractic, if indicated, to literally get you back on your feet or using your hands again.

Lumbar Traction
Distracting the spine in an axial motion takes the pressure off of discs and nerves, allowing pain to decrease and healing to take place quicker.  Our state-of-the-art machine can even move in specific motions so we customize treatment specifically based on each patient’s symptoms and imaging findings.

Cold Laser
By decreasing pain and decreasing swelling, cold laser kicks healing of soft tissues and joints into high gear!

Spinal Corrective Care
Our passion is helping patients to restore their posture, seeing the results of our hard work on x-rays, and making a plan to keep things straight where they should be straight and curved where they should be curved!


A Family Chiropractor in Edinburg, TX